What is Digital Art?

Now that we live in a world that almost completely revolves around technology, more people being creative are using it as a tool. Over the last decade, using technology to create art has become very popular, but you may be a little confused about what constitutes digital art.

Digital art is so diverse. It can include anything from making art using a computer, an electronic drawing tablet, or even making art out of digital components. If you decide to use a computer to create art, there are still many other options that you have. Programs like AutoCAD allow you to create three-dimensional drawings and draftings. Some programs allow for you to export your renderings to three-dimensional printers, which can print working machine parts as well as sculptures and other pieces of art. Drawing tablets help you create artwork more similar to having a real sketchbook in front of you, but your digital art prints and designs end up being more easily edited and oftentimes, more refined.

Digital art is always evolving, as it is directly affected by the state of technology developments. With technology being one of the fastest growing markets in the world, artists are experimenting more with the different technologies available for them to create with. Creating art with virtual reality has become extremely popular, and this is one of the newest technologies available for creating digital art. 

Of course, there are times where art includes some digital components but also more traditional art products as well, and this type of art is called Mixed Media. It can include photographs edited or overlaid onto paintings, or digital drawings created on a computer that are colored in using colored pencils or oil paints. When it comes to art, really, the sky is the limit. Anything that can be created, whether it's with traditional materials or new age technologies, can be called art. 

Which method do you prefer?