First Digital Art Print

I began learning Photoshop back in 2002. I was working on a website for a public school system, creating banners, HTML menus, and page templates. My knowledge of using Photoshop for web development began to spark ideas to use the program for art. I dabbled in creating collages, and then later with creating digital portfolios for educators.

My very first digital art print was created back in August of 2007. I was moving into a new apartment and wanted to create a series of digital prints to hang on a wall. The very first piece I created was a mix of as many filters as possible that come built into Photoshop. I remember creating it not knowing what I was doing, but loving the end result.

To this day, I used so many different filters, that I cannot figure out how to recreate this piece. I don't have the original PSD file, and I'm not even sure I named it, as the file I have is literally named "omg.gif". 

If you look through our shop, you'll see one piece in particular that looks rather similar to the print above. Stained Glass is an homage to that very first piece I created. With years more knowledge and practice with Photoshop, Stained Glass is a much more polished and contemporary art print. 

But that first piece of art has inspired so much. After creating that one piece, I created fifteen more over the course of that month, four of which ended up in a collage on a wall in the kitchen of my apartment. I still have those four prints framed, but stored in a drawer because the red colors I used don't match my decor anymore. 

So much of my first experience with creating digital art has shaped who I am as the artist behind Mid-Century Mod-ify. From the use of digital devices to create art to customizing art to match decor and color preferences, I started somewhere a long time ago and that has brought me to where I am today.